88% of industry professionals use online collaboration tools at least once a week.

13 Apr

In a recent questionnaire conducted by PGi, 88% of industry leaders are reported to use online collaboration tools at least once a week. This figure confirms the trend that online collaboration tools are now taking over the professional workplace. Online collaboration tools are also reported to replace traditional face-to-face meetings, especially when schedules are busy or meetings could be kept concise. Business professionals understand, now more than ever, the importance of client conversations. Keeping in mind that frequent client contact and interaction is one of the most important aspects of successful working relationships and contract renewals, business professionals are now discovering the ease and convenience of online collaboration tools to keep in contact with key clients.

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Yet, there still are professionals that believe face-to-face interaction is the key to great customer relationships. They report that these meetings give a boost of reassurance to those clients and that this is the best way to build a professional level of familiarisation between business and client. Although this is understandable, in today’s fact-paced business industry, meeting with clients can take out considerate chunks of time out of your agenda. Many industry leaders declare that online collaborations and conversations are quicker and more efficient. Even more: with today’s ever growing markets and globalisation, online collaboration tools cut out travelling costs and duration, which makes an online meeting more efficient and financially beneficial for both business and client. Other corporate organisations report web and audio meetings as the only feasible means of communication, as many of their partners and clients are based overseas.

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Both the ease and the cost of use make that 88% of industry leaders make use of online collaboration tools as a way to communicate with both stakeholders within the organisation as key clients and accounts. This trend will now, more than ever, see an increase seen the ever-growing vastness of business markets and the growing importance of concise but very regular client interactions. Industry leader PGi has taken the lead when it comes to integrating both ease and efficiency into a range of online collaboration tools. We are looking forward to seeing the ever-growing trend of online collaboration tools climax and to see both clients and businesses reap the fruits of an ever evolving, ever increasing industry that is set to make communication easier for all parties involved.

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