Camera wars: Canon VS Nicon (infographic)

19 Dec

It has been a level pegging race for years, but which comes up trumps?

Nikon was the first to manufacture the DSLR (camera nerds will recognise the D90 model realised way back in 2008) initially dominating the market. However Canon was always hot on their tails and have been at the fall-front of some of the most innovative camera technology in recent years.

With Canon’s Quick Control Handling and generally more compact style, this has introduced a new generation of photographers keen on challenging the experienced clickers and ultimate zoom of the Nikon.

phink infographic

The DSLR is one of the quickest moving technologies on the market with the average camera costing approximately $1,300 and quality in resolution, zoom and usability forever increasing.
If you’re struggling to find difference between the two in your search for the King of Cameras, then look no further.

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