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Mukhtar Ablyazov agrees Belgian citizenship deal

6 Nov

TweetMukhtar Ablyazov, the fugitive Kazakh billionaire wanted on corruption charges in several European countries, has agreed a deal for Belgian citizenship and immunity as the legal net tightens around him in neighboring France. The businessman, who is wanted for stealing more than $5 billion from Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank, has agreed to give evidence to the […]

88% of industry professionals use online collaboration tools at least once a week.

13 Apr

TweetIn a recent questionnaire conducted by PGi, 88% of industry leaders are reported to use online collaboration tools at least once a week. This figure confirms the trend that online collaboration tools are now taking over the professional workplace. Online collaboration tools are also reported to replace traditional face-to-face meetings, especially when schedules are busy […]

Shredit Protecting Confidential Business Information

12 Dec

Source: This infographic provided by  reveals some surprising statistics about identity theft in the workplace and some of the most common data destruction practices that could lead to these incidents.  

Microsoft Infographic – Just How Big is Microsoft?

26 Oct

With Apple and Google increasingly attempting to claim a place at the top of the technology company tree, how are the old guard getting on? Are Microsoft still as big as they were back in the early 00’s? This infographic takes a look.   Via Microsoft Training

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