Don’t Get Dumped This Valentine’s Day: The Way to a Woman’s Heart

4 Feb

Are you ready for Valentine’s day? If you’re a man wondering how to impress the woman in your life then you would be well advised to consult this handy infographic on what women really want. Is your first choice of gift a box of chocolate, or some lingerie? Don’t rely on these romantic clichés. Unsurprisingly, research shows that most women would rather experience something together. A relaxing or fun activity that creates happy memories makes for a gift that can be cherished forever.

Topping the list, with 60% of respondents claiming it would make a memorable gift, is a weekend getaway. The second most expensive option is jewellery: but choose carefully, perhaps with the help of her friend or family member. Another popular response was an ‘activity’. Pay attention to your partner’s hobbies and interests: is there a sport they’ve always wanted to try? Or maybe they’ve always wanted to take wine tasting classes? These gifts will truly help to strengthen the bond between you and make for a stress-free Valentine’s day.

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