Exposed! The Crazy History of the Olympics

8 Aug


The Olympic Gold Rush has started and at Charles Clinkard HQ we’re feeling inspired and excited – we’ve all got London 2012 fever and it’s catching!

So, we’ve done some digging, and found some crazy occurrences involving shoes in the history of the Olympics. And whilst unearthing some fantastic fun facts, we came across some more unusual events which went down in Olympic history – too juicy not to share!

The Olympics are all about creating memories and capturing historic moments. The story of Eric “The Eel”, who beat his personal best time in the 100m freestyle swimming, despite a record breaking slow time and only learning to swim 8 months previously, is an example of one such moment that will be etched in the Olympic memory forever. This captivating infographic displays such wacky and interesting unknown facts surrounding the Olympics that will have you laughing and squirming in equal measure!

If you fancy having a look at what we found, you can visit our web page at where you will be shocked, astounded and most of all delighted by what you can find, with anecdotes and Olympic facts funny enough to knock your socks (& shoes) off!

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