How can Managed Service Providers Help Facilitate a Cloud-Based Work Environment?

11 Dec

Collaborating with a managed service provider (MSP) is fast becoming the smartest IT decision, revolutionising the way the digital world works. Migrating from local intranets or public cloud systems to a highly optimized, highly personalised cloud environment is the direction most businesses are heading, regardless of a company’s size and industry.

The adaptability and scalability of a cloud-based working environment are often needed as businesses work on a global scale, interacting with different branches in different areas. MSPs are specialists when it comes to cloud, applying or removing features as you require, allowing each employee to work more competently.

Understanding Cloud Migration

Initially, cloud-based working can prove problematic to transfer to, especially regarding years of legacy IT that needs to be repositioned onto the new system. MSPs, having years of technological know-how, have a deep understanding of the cloud, thus are adept at employing and integrating the infrastructure required into your current workplace. Having the service managed for you by a specialist third party makes the process easy and efficient.

Benefits of Managed Service Providers

The  MSPs will also be able to manage the connection between the assets running on the cloud, with those assets that remain in your company’s data centres. An MSP acts very similarly to a cloud provider, essentially linking the company and the cloud. Managed services are monitored closely, minimising exposure to malfunctions, so your business experience better performance than if handled internally.

MSPs deliver other benefits that may not be so clear. Despite the payment subscription, many providers will work out as cheaper than either operating many of your services in-house or using on-demand contractors for each service required. All the needed services are provided at a flat, reduced rate, allowing spending to be predicted accurately, with no hidden fees. MSPs also, prevent dear network calamities that working in-house can cause, especially if your IT team are new to cloud-based infrastructure.

In the current climate, finding specialist IT engineers can be difficult with many companies finding these positions hard to fill. MSPs have a host of highly trained and experience on hand to cater for your company as needed.

A notable example of this is B2B corporation NSC Global and their approach when dealing with a client that operated in the global communications industry. The company required that a new cloud-based infrastructure is created and managed in parallel to existing infrastructure. They provided a full suite of services, from design and testing to installation and implementation of this advanced technology platform. It was a success, providing 24-hour support and achieving a 99.8% SLA adherence for the past 4 years.

Why choose Managed Service Providers?

The main difference between going alone or collaborating with an MSP is simply the peace of mind. IT technicians and engineers have to monitor progress and status constantly and it is whether you believe your firm has the resources and the expertise to maintain a cloud environment to work in. MSPs have a myriad of benefits that benefit and provide you with peace of mind, allowing emphasis to be placed on profit-generating activities rather than time-consuming and costly cloud migration.

MSPs provide many cloud-based services at a discounted rate, on a subscription plan, provided by specialists with years of knowledge, removing the hassle and strain of keeping all work in-house.


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