Online Gaming: The Need for Internet Speed

Playing competitively or co-operatively online is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. Gone are the days where gaming is only for nerds. Social events are being enhanced by the use of multiplayer games. Whether you have a gaming laptop or not, your online experience can easily be hampered by your internet connection. Different types of games require different needs from your broadband speed.


MMORPGs – Online Role Playing Games

These massively multiple games often require you to play with other members, but can easily be a solo game. Although a fast connection is needed to keep up with the regular feature updates, it is not the most important factor. The ping rate measures how long it takes for your internet to send and receive data from the servers it’s trying to contact. Most have thousands of people accessing different servers at the same time. Use a server that is physically closer to your own location. A faster ping rate means that the game will react faster to the player’s input, creating a smoother gameplay.


FPS – First Person Shooters

Team work on online FPS games is essential. By lagging just a few seconds, you can be defeated by the opposing team. This means having quick reactions and an equally efficient internet. The speed of which you need to work at is generally quicker than most MMORPGs. You need to have a good connection of at least 1Mpbs to play with minimal lag.



Consoles are not automatically connected to the internet and can sometimes be difficult to get the same speed as a laptop. Use an online speed checker to see how fast it is currently running. To create a faster gaming experience, make sure that the router is closer to the console and that no device emitting waves is in its way. It is ideal to designate a separate router for your console. If this is not possible, disable other electronics from the internet whilst you are gaming to ensure that bandwidth is used only for your console. Or simply try a wired connection, which is always more reliable than wireless.

Online games do need a fast connection to create an enjoyable experience. A ping with a low MS is also essential. Most internet speed in cities or built up areas will natural be sufficient for your needs, but in more rural areas it can be difficult. If you can’t upgrade your internet, changing the settings on the game can increase your speed. By reducing the quality of graphics, the internet has less information to receive from the servers. The visuals may be pixelated, but should increase the speed enough to reduce lag throughout your gameplay.

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