Shredit Protecting Confidential Business Information

12 Dec

Source: This infographic provided by  reveals some surprising statistics about identity theft in the workplace and some of the most common data destruction practices that could lead to these incidents.  

Sex on Vacation Infographic

12 Dec

Do women get more frisky while they’re vacation or is that just a myth? conducted a study surveying over a 1000 Canadian women about their sexual habits during a vacation. This is what they have found:

Starting your own business infographic by Barclays

8 Nov

Visit Barclays for more information about our how to start your own business.

Microsoft Infographic – Just How Big is Microsoft?

26 Oct

With Apple and Google increasingly attempting to claim a place at the top of the technology company tree, how are the old guard getting on? Are Microsoft still as big as they were back in the early 00’s? This infographic takes a look.   Via Microsoft Training

Is uk prepared to retire infographic by

26 Sep

We have done a bit of a research to find out what people in Britain are planning to do when they reach retirement age, we surveyed 2000 corespondents of various age from all over the UK. Research and Infographic is done by, please read full article here: Will Modern Britain Ever be Able to […]

The History of Television

19 Sep

Most attanded sposts leagues – infographic

5 Sep

Ever wondered what is the most attended sports league in the world is? How about the domestic sporting event that attracts the highest attendace? Today on the blog, we give you some numbers that might help you win a bet at your local pub this weekend. t>

Brief History of F1 infographic

30 Aug

The Brief History of F1 infographic charts how Formula 1 grew from a 12 mph jaunt around the streets of Paris in the 19th century to being one of the world’s biggest sports in the 21st century. Formula 1’s evolution is an eye-opening journey, and this infographic provides interesting insight into how motor sport has […]

Gambling habits adopted by men and women infographic

29 Aug

This is an infographic depicting the difference in gambling habits adopted by men and women. It shows facts explaining how long each gender spends playing at online casinos, how much each gender is willing to spend and other interesting points. “There’s no clear winner in the Battle of the Sexes. But we’d like to test […]

Exposed! The Crazy History of the Olympics

8 Aug

  The Olympic Gold Rush has started and at Charles Clinkard HQ we’re feeling inspired and excited – we’ve all got London 2012 fever and it’s catching! So, we’ve done some digging, and found some crazy occurrences involving shoes in the history of the Olympics. And whilst unearthing some fantastic fun facts, we came across […]